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Cold in the Summer

We’re trying to get this message our quickly since we still have a couple weeks left, right?

If you look at the chart at the bottom of our donation page, you’ll see why we’re getting so desperate right now – every year, we see a decline in the amount of cards made in Q3 (July-September).

We’re trying to prepare for the summer. The number one reason we see such a decline is that we don’t get cards from the majority of our schools since they are on summer break and/or trying to get acclimated to returning to classes. Overall, nearly 1/3 of our cards are from students or staff members at various schools.

Now, the one tricky part is this summer, we’re going to need a bit more cards than usual. We agreed to partner with Gift of Life to send cards to children who recently got transplants as they’re at a special summer camp. We don’t know EXACTLY when or how many cards we’ll send, but we’ll need more than the standard bare minimum of 1,540 we strive for on a quarterly basis.

Therefore, our goal is to continue to search to find new ways to get more groups to participate over the summer, BUT also work to make sure that we get as MANY cards as possible in Q2 just in case participation gets a little COLD IN THE SUMMER.Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can increase participation over the summer.

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