Cards Received Part 5

We’re setting up a process where we can send automated emails when we receive packages. We promise, we're still working on it! Please include your emails when you send your package.

Since we’re receiving, counting, AND sending cards faster than before we’ll have to break our prior promise – We’ll remain ‘Socially Active‘, but we won’t post pictures of ALL the cards we receive. Some of these packages may be social posts, but we want to be safe.

In the future, we’ll use posts like this AND automated emails to make sure people know their cards were received. Please include your email address.

Please remember since we're volunteers and we’re sending AND receiving over 30,000 cards per quarter, our response time and ability to open packages may a bit delayed.

Once again, this list is a bit long!

"Secret Admirers", Livermore, CA: 16

"Secret Admirers", Surrey, BC, Canada: 22

A, Davidson, NC: 20

Aaron M, Sunnyvale, CA: 1

Abigail L, San Francisco, CA: 2

Aggie Pediatric Nurses Association, College Station, TX: 30

Alex E, Southborough, MA: 26

Alexis M, Saratoga, CA: 7

Ally Bank, Charlotte, NC: 2

Ally Financial, Charlotte, NC: 2

Ally N, West Bloomfield, MI: 10

Alyssa H, Yukon, OK: 6

Amelia F, Chicago, IL: 5

American Equity Investment, New Albany, IN: 39

American Medical Association, Oak lawn, IL: 1

American Medical Association, Wilmette, IL: 4

American Royal Beauties, Chicago, IL: 180

Amy D, Burbank, CA: 13

Analeese S, Mesa, AZ: 3

Andre S, Chicago, IL: 17

Andrew, Palo Alto, CA: 17

Andy M, Jacksonville, FL: 2

Angelina Z, East Amherst, NY: 10

Anna W, Centerville, UT: 48

Anthony K, Campbell, CA: 30

Ao & Tauri, Cedar Hill, TX: 1

Ao And Tauri, Saint Louis, MO: 1

Arjun N, Matthews, NC: 24

Ascent Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH: 1764

Ascent Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH: 2681

Ascent Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH: 410

Ascent Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH: 441

Ascent Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH: 572

Asdaq B, Hoffman Estates, IL: 4

Asero Insurance Services, San Jose, CA: 44

Ashley S, Kings Mountain, NC: 24

Ashley S, San Marcos, TX: 18

Audrey C, Olympia, WA: 1

Austin O, Sam Jose, CA: 15

Azalea Trails Assisted Living & Memory Care, Tyler, TX: 22

B, San Jose, CA: 18

Banana Republic, Spokane, WA: 9

Banana Republic, Tigard, OR: 5

BDO Digital, Oak brook, IL: 2

Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA: 14

Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA: 15

Beta Alpha Psi, Canton, OH: 6

Beta Alpha Psi, Englewood, TN: 17

Beta Alpha Psi, Fairview, TN: 10

Beta Alpha Psi, Granite Bay, CA: 4

Beta Alpha Psi, Holly Springs, NC: 14

Beta Alpha Psi, Matthews, NC: 24

Beta Alpha Psi, Murfreesboro, TN: 4

Beta Alpha Psi, Smithville, TN: 8

Boeing, Charleston, SC: 56

Borzou S, Chicago, CA: 10

Bradley S, Houston, TX: 35

Brandon S, San Jose, CA: 20

Brayden C, Chicago, IL: 15

Brian S, Sykesville, MD: 2

Brielle B, Long Beach, CA: 16

Bubalo, Ham lake, MN: 35

Busy Bees, Houston, TX: 369

C S, Penbroke Res, FL: 2

C, San Jose, CA: 5

Calvin M, Glenn Heights, TX: 23

Capital One Bank, Houston, TX: 9

Cari G, Moreno Valley, CA: 10

Cari G, Moreno Valley, CA: 14

Carolyn S, Berkeley, CA: 6

Carson D, Beaver Creek, OH: 3

Cassandra L, Menlo Park, CA: 10

Cedars Key Club, Austin, TX: 88

Central Catholic High School, Portland, OR: 200

Central Kitsap High School, Silverdale, WA: 4

Charlotte M, Vermillion, SD: 61

Chelsea and Maria K, Chicago, IL: 21

Christine F, Leonard, MI: 27

Christine S, Naples, FL: 23

Cisco, Folsom, CA: 8

Citizens Bank, Barrington, RI: 20

Citizens Bank, Bredsville, PA: 50

Citizens Bank, Buffalo, NY: 56

Citizens Bank, Harrisburg, PA: 16

Citizens Bank, Runnemede, NJ: 13

Citizens Bank, Warren, RI: 5

Claire W, Raleigh, NC: 5

Community Connections, Yarmouth, MA: 1

Constellation Energy, De Pere, WI: 2

Crestmark, Troy, MI: 8

Ctac, Cleveland, OH: 14

Daniel H, West Coving, CA: 1

Danielle F, NYC, NY: 5

Darin, Sheri, Dylan, Declan T, San Jose, CA: 18

Dave D, Eagle, ID: 5

Davita, Franklin, TN: 9

Dear Hollow Recovery, Draper, UT: 30

Della, Romeoville, IL: 4

DePaul University Alumni, Romulus, IL: 13

DePaul University, Marengo, IL: 6

DePaul, Bolingbrook, IL: 5

DePaul, Pieta, International: 17

Desrochers, Methun, MA: 44

Diego D, San Jose, CA: 14

DSW INC, Annapolis, MD: 10

DSW, Chicago, IL: 267

Dylan C, Sunnyvale, CA: 40

Dylan, Columbus, OH: 1

Dylaney National Honor Society, Timonium, MD: 2

Eberhart, Severna Park, MD: 14

Edina high school, Edina, MN: 56

Edna G, Bedford, TX: 10

Ella P, Milwaukee, WI: 2

Emily F, San Francisco, CA: 6

Emily S, Port Allen, LA: 20

Emily S, Port Allen, LA: 25

Emily S, Port Allen, LA: 36

Emily W, Wichita, KS: 8

Emily, Saratoga, CA: 10

Eric R, Cupertino, CA: 40

Everett E, Charlotte, NC: 24

Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C., DC: 14

Fanny S, Los Angeles, CA: 4

Ferne L, Maricopa, AZ: 17

Filomena P, Boynton Beach, FL: 70

Fisher College Of Business, Columbus, OH: 12

Fisher W, San Jose, CA: 17

Follie B, Bethel, OH: 74

Frances S, Chicago, IL: 35

G, Campbell, CA: 4

G, Campbell, CA: 4

Gabbie V, Garden Grove, CA: 6

Gabbie, Garden Grove, CA: 1

Gail M, NA, Unknown: 75

Gap Factory, Canada: 23

Garnet Hill Rehab, Wylie, TX: 11

Garnet Hill Rehab, Wylie, TX: 7

Genny P, El Dorado Hills, CA: 16

Genny P, El Dorindo hills, CA: 25

Gigi W, Los Gatos, CA: 6

Gina O, San Diego, CA: 1

Girl Scouts, Santa Ana, CA: 6

Girls On The Run, Chicago, IL: 24

Google, Downers Grove, IL: 3

Google, New York, NY: 2

Google, New York, NY: 2

Graduate Management Association, Amherst, NY: 43

Greg and Janet B, Teague, TX: 70

Grosse Point Library, Chicago, IL: 26

Groupon, Downers Grove, IL: 7

Guadalupe Catholic Parish, Seattle, WA: 106

Guardian, Walnutport, PA: 1

H B, Los Altos, CA: 8

Haley T, Draper, UT: 30

Hannah H, Chicago, IL: 1

Harvey Mudd College, Fremont, CA: 2

Harvey Mudd College, Fremont, CA: 2

Heather S, Dover, DL: 40

Heather H, Huffman, TX: 22

Heaven M, Mesquite, TX: 5

Hellen, Tampa, FL: 5

Henry J, San Jose, CA: 12

Hewlett-Packard, Pomona, CA: 432

Hobart, Elk Grove, IL: 0

Holly M, Chicago, IL: 42

Humana, Flower Mound, TX: 18

Humana, Schaumburg, IL: 17

Hutchen, Schaumburg, IL: 20

Ian H, Phoenix, AZ: 7

Intel, Forest Grove, OR: 2

Intel, Hillsboro, OR: 1

Intel, Livermore, CA: 24

Ishaan, Fremont, CA: 20

Jack B, Chicago, IL: 1

Jack M, Los Gatos, CA: 25

Jada M, Stockbridge, GA: 42

Jami A, Phoenix, AZ: 80

Jami M, Phoenix, AZ: 100

Jayna B, Chicago, IL: 11

Jennifer F, Fremont, CA: 3

Jenny C, Los Altos, CA: 10

Jessica H, Undenhurst, IL: 12

Jessica M, Chicago, IL: 38

Jie R, San Jose, CA: 461

Jim Z, Schaumburg, IL: 23

Joan N, Staten island, NY: 10

Joan N, Staten Island, NY: 15

John G, Chicago, IL: 4

John, Tampa, FL: 9

Johnathon V, Austin, TX: 10

Jonathan S, Ridgefield, CT: 8

Jonathan, Chicago, IL: 34

Joseph P, San Jose, CA: 30

Joshua A, San Jose, CA: 30

Josie H, Papillion, NE: 100

Judith J, Spencerport, NY: 17

Juliana C, Chandler, AZ: 45

Julie B, Chicago, IL: 20

Jupiter Community High School, Jupiter, FL: 45

Justin, Mountain View, CA: 4

Kalli G, Castalia, OH: 26

Karen G, Collinsville, IL: 141

Kate, Ann Arbor, MI: 7

Kathy T, Marietta, GA: 35

Katina B, Greenville, SC: 8

Kayla S, Los Angeles, CA: 3

Kayleah T, Chino Hills, CA: 7

Ke Camps, West Hartford, CT: 8

Keeneland Nursing & Rehab, Weatherford, TX: 5

Keisha C, Louisville, KY: 7

Kelley S, Arlington, VA: 6

Kevin H, Chicago, IL: 20

Kim P, Springs, FL: 27

King, Dublin, CA: 7

Koberlain, Redwood City, CA: 41

Kristin L, Bishop, CA: 9

Kristy F, Kingsville, International: 62

Kyle P, Tacoma, WA: 3