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Cards Received Part 3

We’ve set up a process where we can send automated emails when we receive packages. We’re still finalizing it. Please include your emails when you send your package.

Since we’re receiving, counting, AND sending cards faster than before we’ll have to break our prior promise – We’ll remain ‘Socially Active‘, but we won’t post pictures of ALL the cards we receive. Some of these packages may be social posts, but we want to be safe.

In the future, we’ll use posts like this AND automated emails to make sure people know their cards were received. Please include your email address.

Please remember, we’re currently 100% volunteer based. Since we’re sending AND receiving over 30,000 cards per quarter our response time and ability to open packages may a bit delayed.

Ally Financial 6

Amazon 35

Ascent Risk Management2,465


Banana Republic187

Bellarmine College Preparatory44

BR Kindred Hearts103

Bradley University128

Children and Mothers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints196

Coach Vaughan Mills 57

Colorado State University 12

Faith Welland Outreach 122


GM Financial 21

Heritage Montessori 94

Kittatinny Regional High School 400

Lumaverse Technologies 269

Manassas Seventh-Day Adventis Church 29

Maymay Made It 249

Mitchell Elementary 10

Northern Arizona University 23

Old Navy 174

Picaso Design 65

Plainfield Public Library District 240

Saint Francis High School 10

SRS Amazon 5

University Of Kentucky 7

University Of Miami Ohio 193

Valley Assisted Living, Inc.29


Verizon Media 753

West Chester University Of Pennsylvania 14


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