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Can’t Say Enough

Not sure if you knew this, but last week was Volunteer Appreciation Week. To follow our rules, and be 100% open and honest, we posted on our social media sites to be sure you knew we recognized it, but intentionally did not post anything big about it until after, ensuring this post would not be tied only to that special week.

We scheduled the above post for Tuesday, April 9 to show you that we did want to recognize you, our priceless volunteers, during that week—but we want you to know that we’re immensely grateful for more than just one week every year. There are some organizations that mail little handouts to say thanks; some take pictures; some send flowers; and some do nothing. Though we can’t give much, we wanted to, at least, write this post to express how thankful we really are for your continued contributions and support.

To be honest, your help has been amazing. We’ve highlighted your stellar contributions a few times, including in the following posts:

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· Flying Cape

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· Changing the Rules

· Socially Active

We’re very grateful that—thanks to you—we’ve been able to expand and reach more children in different ways. Your contributions include making cards in many languages—ensuring we reach all our children and seniors, as well as carrying and delivering cards with you during some of your travels, #carryabitmore.