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Bookmarks – People Need Encouragement

We posted this on LinkedIn and Facebook, but we were told that not everyone has access to those social sites. With that in mind here’s a post on our site that provides background on bookmarks.

A special message for people making bookmarks.

We heard from volunteers and others that we should tell people to stop making them, but we disagree. We think they can still be used, but they need to be modified.

Most bookmarks we receive look like this:

Please imagine your artwork is going to be the only thing that person receives. Our goal is to uplift their spirits. We want them to feel someone made some artwork just for them. Therefore, whether it’s a bookmark or a card, your handmade artwork should have a personalized encouraging message and signed with your name/location. We want the patients and families to feel that YOU made that custom artwork just for THEM.

Everyone in the world could be reminded about the value of reading, but the people we reach need to be reminded about their personal value. Please read this blog post if you ever need some examples of what to write –

In summary, please include a direct message on your bookmarks that will consistently uplift our patients’ and families’ spirits, whether or not they’re reading at the moment. Let’s work together to make a global difference with handmade cards and bookmarks with encouraging messages.


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