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“Artists” – So Do We

Whenever you look through any of our socials posts you’ll always see that we use the word “artists” to describe anyone who’s made a card. Now some folks may think, ‘I AM NOT ARTISTIC AT ALL. I shouldn’t be called an “artist”.’ But based on our experience….we disagree.

We connected with someone who actually delivered cards to patients. He highlighted how there’s often a BIG difference in the ‘level of creativity’ between some of the cards! Based on that distinction he created a creative and polite way to explain to the children why some of the cards were, to put it politely, less than perfect. He would update the kids that the cards were made by people at large companies. These companies had some people who real artistic and other analytics or ops members who were not as creative. Then he would politely tell the children that it was an ops member who made their custom card. While using that approach he didn’t get any negative comments or kids requesting new cards.

Then there was one time when he was giving his explanation and was cut off. Before he even opened the card the young patient said “it’s okay. I can tell they tried really hard.” After that comment, and seeing some artistic analytic employees, he’ll have to find a new “creative and positive” way to explain some of the cards! 🙂

So if the most important people, the disheartened children, think you’re SUPER artistic and/or true “ARTISTS” – SO DO WE. Please keep making cards.

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