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All of the Above

We’ll start off by describing what could be on the cover for one of the easiest, most encouraging cards one could make.

And to tell you the truth, it’s what our founder often makes since he’s not particularly artistic.

  1. Pop quiz. Please pick one. You are…

    1. A. Awesome

    2. B. Beautiful

    3. C. Clever

Thinking about it, that’s a tough choice. There are benefits for each distinct word. Before we answered this question on our own, we decided to open it up and ask a few people. Per usual, we did some research while traveling. This time it was at the airport. We asked the first respondent and she said “A” for awesome. The next gentleman we asked said, “Awesome for sure.” Then the third respondent quickly responded, “A!” Finally, the fourth respondent quipped a quick “A” as well. We guess it’s a good thing to be awesome. Still, there must be some benefits to being attractive. There would also be some advantages to being extremely witty as well.

There is clearly a leader, but if what if we switched it up a bit? What if we were no longer talking about people and were talking about something that our volunteers knew a bit more about – making cards and uplifting spirits. The card would be something like,

  1. Please pick one. Participating in Cardz for Kidz! is:

o A. Amusing/Fun

o B. Bountiful/Rewarding

o C. Calming/Easy

Overall, the three key bullet points are trying to highlight if hosting an event and making cards is strictly fun, feels rewarding, or if people are doing it since the process is just strictly easy.

Now you may be leaning between a couple, just like our first participant was when we asked the first set of multiple choice questions, but you have to think of the one that represents this event the most. With the midterm elections recently passing here in the USA most of us can remember how important it is to fill out the ballots and/or scantrons correctly.

If you select too many entries your vote can be discarded.

Here are some reasons we’re looking into each of these characteristics:

  1. Amusing/Fun. It’s not every day that you get to use glitter glue and stickers. This is one of those times when you get to reconnect with some of your favorite Disney characters. Also, for some of those who plan ahead this is also an excuse to do a bit of research and look up a bunch of jokes. For example, the one we mentioned before, Q) Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? Because she’ll let it go.

  2. Bountiful/Rewarding. We try to post pictures consistently of the thank you cards that we receive from the hospitals, quotes from the hospitals/homes, as well as pictures from some of our special deliveries. With all of these posts, you can see that your hard work is making a difference. Although we can’t show you exactly where your card is going, you can see some examples of the type of impact your cards are making. We’ve highlighted how your handmade cards are impacting families at their most trying times so that you know your cards are uplifting spirits. Even better, if you’re following our recommendation and using card stock and/or high quality construction paper you know you’re making a lasting impact. We recently heard from another mother who told us about how her child was getting ready to collect her cards and take them with her to decorate her hospital room during her next trip. You’re making a lasting impact. Here’s another example.

Calming/Easy. So we have an Insider Information PowerPoint with tips and tricks on how to hold an event that can make a lasting impact on the kids, but with all the information that’s on the website, most people don’t need it. The PowerPoint we provide has details like please don’t send holiday cards too late, please use card stock, tips for the resume, but between the blog posts and other links most people are all set. It’s interesting that one can host an event with multiple offices around the world OR simply get together with a couple friends AND they don’t need to really receive confirmation from us at all. There are some nonprofits where you need to sign up to serve on specific days or show up at specific locations, but with us you can rest at ease because you can simply work from your current locations and know that you’re making a global impact.

Now back to the card. When you open up you just put a circle around the final answer,


With this card you’re highlighting that the child is Awesome, Beautiful and Clever. And you did follow the rules – you selected one answer, D. Now with participating in Cardz for Kidz! one could say that they’re ALL OF THE ABOVE for the second set of criteria we laid out – Amusing, Bountiful, and Calming.

To see more pictures and stories, please check out our website; like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitterand Instagram; visit our Google+ or LinkedInpages! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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