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A Special Name

We needed some honest feedback. Since some of the behind the scenes folks are interested in market research, we decided we should check with the ladies before we started this blog post. Here were the responses based on the “poll” aka Facebook status:

  1. “Here’s an anonymous question I’ll need for an upcoming Cardz for Kidz! blog post. Ladies, (men, it’d be interesting to hear your perspective too), what was the first thing you thought of when you found out you were pregnant? I thought it was an obvious answer, but after my first set of responses I’m a bit surprised and I may not be able to write it!!!”

    1. “This is going to be awesome.”

    2. “Sam is going to be so excited.”

    3. “Oh my God! What do I do now? Am I ready for this?”

    4. “First time – Holy Cow! Second time – Yay!!! Third time – Awesome! Fourth time (with sick kids puking) – Oh no!!! lol”

    5. “Excited, then scared and nervous. Maybe all at the same time!”

    6. “But I’m not married.”

    7. “First Time – ‘OH MY GOD!’ Second Time – ‘OH SH!T!’ And there won’t be a third time!”

    8. “Sh!t. I drank my @ss off all weekend. I hope I didn’t screw up my baby.”

    9. “Thank goodness. It’s about time.”

We were shocked! Those weren’t the answers we were looking for. We thought folks’ original response would be ‘I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl’?

What started this whole thought is that we had a conversation and someone asked us if we “ever thought about naming him?” When we asked what him they were referring to, they looked at us like we were crazy and mentioned that obviously it’s the little boy in our logo.

For some background, we tried to make our logo as ambiguous as possible when our artists were creating it. We made sure it was a shade darker, bald rather than with hair, and that the card covered up a possible shirt.

As touched on in our prior post, True Princess, just because our buddy doesn’t have hair doesn’t mean they’re a boy. They may still be a true princess! With all that in mind, we can’t refer to our logo as “it”, “he/she” or “they”. Our logo needs a name. Can you help us think of A SPECIAL NAME? One that wouldn’t make people immediately think of one gender and/or race! Please comment below.

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