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Today’s Special!

Here’s a question we often receive.

Do you guys accept cards on….

  1. The last Thursday in November?

    1. Yup we definitelydo! Kids LOVE turkey cards and we’re thankful!!! 🙂

  1. December 25th?

    1. Yeah!!! It’s a shame that kids are in the hospital at this time, but receiving cards around the holidays would definitely cheer them up!

  1. January 1st?

    1. Yes for sure! Getting a creative card is an excellent way to start out the year!

  1. February 14th?

    1. Of course! The kids would LOVE to receive cards this day

  1. Well what about March 10th, May 11th, August 11th, October 2nd…..

    1. YES!!! Those dates are all PERFECT too!

Now some may say, “wait wait there’s no picture under those dates! They’re not holidays so they’re not important.”

Our response: no picture no problem!

Although it’s horrific that some kids spend holidays in the hospital, hospitalization is traumatizing no matter what day of the year. Based on our conversations with volunteers and staff, we learned that more people donate around “special” dates. Don’t get us wrong, if you are contributing, don’t stop that is AMAZING!!

It’s just Cardz for Kidz! believes that no matter what day of the year, Today’s Special, and we need to make sure the kids feel cherished each and every day!

To see more pictures and stories please check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , or visit our LinkedIn page!

*FYI. Dates were selected because this post was written on 11/8/2013 at 1:15pm. Those dates are all just mixes of those numbers used to convey that every day is important!


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