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Still Counts

We often hear, “I’m sorry things were soooo crazy. I was ONLY be able to make one card! So sorry!” Then they often make comments about how it’s a shame they were only able to reach one child. We’ve definitely heard that a couple of times.

But, let’s think about it. Yes, as we ALWAYS tell you, we make sure each hospital officially “pinky promises” they’ll deliver ALL of the cards room to room. Here’s a screenshot of an email just in case you needed documented proof! 🙂

Therefore, we know your card will definitely reach a child, as long as it doesn’t say ‘Get Well Soon’ or anything else referring to the patients’ condition. Also, we understand that there are some kids who are confined to their rooms who need to be uplifted as well. At times, those patients are in their rooms all by themselves; other times, they have several family members there.

Often when there’s a stressed family, everyone gets sooo excited when they see that someone they don’t even know took the time to make their son/daughter, neice/nephew, cousin, and/or friend feel special. Often times the cards get passed around the room. Two of the most touching moments were when a mother and her son were sitting in his room and when we gave him the card, his mother let out a sigh of relief and said, “This is exactly what we needed.” Then, there was another couple who were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who received a card for their newborn baby. They picked up the baby and had a family member take a picture. Based on those stories, it’s clear. Your one card isn’t simply impacting the patients, but it’s also encouraging the patients’ families as well.

If that’s not enough, you should see how excited some of the staff members get. Since they can see the amount of effort you put into your cards, they’re happy to watch their patients receive them. Actually, as touched on in a prior post,staff at a hospital/school in Nigeria were discussing who should be able to hand out the cards since they were so precious.

With all that in place, you have to remember that although you’re thinking you may only be able to make ONE card, your card STILL COUNTS since it’s uplifting the spirits of WAY MORE than one patient.

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