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Runs In The Family

A couple of us were chatting and we got into a BIG “debate” (some may say argument, but we’re too nice for that)! What sparked the disagreement? We wanted the truth! Who’s the most well-known and/or “important” family of ALL time?. Before you read the rest of this post, what’s your response? Feel free to comment below!

Here are some of the responses!

THE JACKSONS!!! They’re clearly the most entertaining!

THE KENNEDYS!!! That’s a power packed family!

The power of politics!

THE MANNINGS! A winning combination!

3 rings between two of the athletes!

THE ROCKEFELLERS! They’ve got a permanent presence!

Building it up

THE KOUBAS! They consistently create smiles!

Jennifer and Beth Kouba

So yes the Koubas aren’t known around the world like some of the other families we mentioned. And yes they never lived in a white house while working in a building named after them with platinum plaques and huge rings on the walls, BUT they’ve worked together to impact 465 kids (as of 9/16/14)!

Here’s how it happened. Jen Kouba first learned about Cardz for Kidz! through a fellow DePaul Alum. As of September 13th DePaul has made a total of 822 cards; over 50% of those were made by DePaul Alum. Thanks to Jen they are our number one participant!

Jen has made a mix of quality and quantity so she’s been in the OVERALL TOP 10 twice!

Pony Card

Popcorn card

Another interesting factor is that we know EXACTLY where Jen gets her creativity from; her mother. Thankfully Jen introduced her mom, Beth, to our organization and Beth has made nearly 50 cards in her free time (48 to be exact). The first time we ever produced more than 1,000 cards in a quarter was in Q1 2013. Amongst the 1,051 cards, Beth Kouba had one of the Top 10.

Egg card down at the bottom.

Only once before have two members of the same family made it into the OVERALL Top 10 (Montenegros Q4 2012 & Q1 2013).

While discussing their impact on our organization we asked them, what inspires you to make cards? Here are their responses:

  1. Beth Kouba: I’m a retired early childhood teacher with an art background, so helping to cheer up kids in the hospital and do something creative is a treat. My favorite Cardz for Kidz! experience was getting to go to Lurie Children’s Hospital to hang out with the kids. One little girl made Valentines for her family, and a Valentine mailbox with two very talented card makers. When it was time to go she showed us some of her favorite places in the hospital. She couldn’t wait to show her Mom what she made. Her sweet smile will always be a special memory for me.

(If you make it into the Top 10 you can participate in Cardz WITH Kidz! too)

  1. Jen Kouba: I enjoy participating in Cardz for Kidz! for many reasons. First, I have witnessed the impact a handmade card has on the children that receive them. I love that something so simple brightens their day so much. Second, not only do I feel passionate about volunteering, I also love to be creative and do crafts, so Cardz for Kidz! is the perfect combination.

(If you make it into the Top 10 you can participate in Cardz WITH Kidz! too)

Since they consistently produce AMAZING cards we think it’s true. Just like talent for entertainment, politics, athletics or business – ability to make quality cards…..RUNS IN THE FAMILY.

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