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Little Guys

Although we rant about how participating in Cardz for Kidz! helps the entire family, it’s clear by our name and some of the smiles, that we’re focused on the little ones!

Speaking of little ones, it’s interesting to see how we’ve grown. Recently we’ve been partnering with a couple large corporations, but still, a lot of our cards have come from small to midsized companies and/or community groups.

In fact, we’ve taken it a step further and have been partnering with other small organizations. As mentioned in The Dream Team post, we’ve been working alongside Send a Smile Today to get cards to more children with and without cancer. Additionally, thanks to our connection via Instagram, we’ve also been working with Goods Giving Back, They set it up where people can purchase products on their page and they’ll donate a portion of those sales to us, as well as the artists who made the product. Thanks to them, people can now help Cardz for Kidz! in many different ways:

  1. Simply purchasing handmade artwork (e.g. jewelry) from our page on their site*