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Just Say PLS

OK, we’re a bit outdated in many things. For example, we’ve mentioned this before, but some of us who “work” behind the scenes at Cardz for Kidz! didn’t know who Elsa and Anna (#Frozen) were when a hospital requested them on cards a couple years ago. Then, before that, we were a bit confused when we started getting a bunch of yellow alien cards. Don’t worry, we caught up on both of those!!! So we’re catching up with kids, but we think we’re a bit outdated on how things are with teens (and even some grown adults) and how they text. Here are some acronyms or ways to shorten words we’ve heard of:

  1. BRB

  2. LOL

  3. BFF

  4. JK

  5. BTW

  6. TMI

  7. THX

  8. GR8

  9. 2nite

Now one thing we’re not so sure of is how do folks spell “please” when they’re trying to shorten it? Do they spell it PLZ or PLS?

We’re not so sure about which one of those we should use when we’re sending text messages to friends, but we do know how we should spell it when we’re trying to get an ideal set of cards, PLS.

The reason why comes from our most recent experience connecting with our current partner, PLS.