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Investing for Good

  1. Bobby: “Oh wow, dude did you see her?!?!”

  2. Freddie: “Yeah man, but she’s totally out of your league”

Have you ever had or heard of conversations like that? Actually we were googling that quote and were reminded that there’s a movie with a similar title!! Now what does men approaching women have to do with people making cards for disheartened children? Well, it’s not exactly how we’re connecting with the kids, but more how we’ve connected with our NUMBER ONE contributor, Capital One.

It’s interesting because recently we’ve seen a lot of their commercials on television and we know they’re pretty well-known (#whatsinyourwallet). We thought it’d be great if we were able to get them to join in, but weren’t sure how to approach. We figured they were out of our league since we didn’t have many direct contacts like we did with some of the other large companies we’ve worked with such as Google, LinkedIn and QuickenLoans. Still to this day, we recall being extremely excited/shocked when we got the first email from William in Virgina with some pictures of the cards and even a picture of their “top cards.”

For some inside information, we always say, “Every Card Counts,” and yes that’s definitely true. We know where each card is coming from whether that’s the 36 cards that came from our friends at Burtch Works OR the thousands that came from Capital One, they’re all important. One difference is that when more renowned companies join in, we’re able to say, “groups such as