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Increased Awareness

Some more honesty. As discussed in a prior post, some of the original Cardz for Kidz! members have marketing degrees. Now, here’s something we learned in one of our classes. There are primarily 3 different types of marketing campaigns. First, there are some campaigns that try to increase AWARENESS – simply get more people to know your brand/product. Others that are TRANSACTIONAL or action based – trying to drive action ranging from purchasing a product to downloading new software. Finally, there are some campaigns that are referred to as LOYALTY campaigns. These initiatives are dedicated to strengthening the connection between consumers and a brand. Originally, when we officially became Cardz for Kidz!, we were strictly focused on the last two initiatives – trying to get new groups to host events and retain groups who have participated in the past.

If you need confirmation, just check out the website and you’ll see our order:

  1. Participants – Loyalty

  2. How To – Transactional

  3. Donate – N/A

  4. About Us – Awareness

  5. Contact Us – All of the Above

For the ‘Loyalty’ part we made sure that the Participants tab was one of the first section anyone sees. We’re using the second meaning of one of our main hashtags, #EveryCardCounts[1]. We figured this way groups know they’re being recognized and other people can see how many cards they have created. We thought this might increase competition between groups and they may be interested in continually making more cards – seeing their numbers rise. Also, we thought this would be a way to get more groups to Stream It[2].