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Helping All Around

  1. “How do you do it?!”

  2. “It’s hard to explain.”

  3. “No, give me an immediate answer! You get thousands of cards in so many languages and get them to kids across the globe without charging anyone. How?!”

  4. “Well…it’s a complicated process. It’s more of a…”


  6. “Okay, okay. Ummm…Carla Neal.”

Let’s backtrack a little. We already decided our founder is no longer the nicest and lost his title (#notasnice). It’s just that now after looking into it a bit more, we think there’s new competition for that position. As we’ve been growing and changing, here are some of the ways that we’ve needed help and corresponding blog posts that back it up:

  1. Organically spreading the word about our organization: #sociallyactive, #whoyouretelling

  2. Helping us improve our global presence: #carryabitmore

  3. Inspiring other people to make cards in various languages: #nopeimallset, #marketconditions

Here’s something that would impress us – Someone who tells other people about our organization (since we don’t spend on advertising) in order to get people to make cards. Who then encourages others to participate and creates some encouraging cards for our disheartened children and seniors. On top of that, someone who carries a bit more during their travels would exceed our expectations.

What’s amazing about Carla is that not only has she completed all those wish list factors, but she’s done even more than that. Regarding telling others, she handles the process from start to finish. She gives people the cards to complete and even sends them the stamps and stickers with our address. In terms of the delivery, she not only went to the Ronald McDonald House in Brazil but went there and took pictures and sent them back to us so we could include that on our social media.