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Every Card Counts!!!

One key distinction with Cardz for Kidz! is that we are TRULY concerned about the kids who can’t leave their rooms due to medical conditions. These conditions or procedures can range from being contagious TO being strapped to the bed due to testing. We make sure each hospital guarantees that the cards will be delivered to the patients’ rooms so that the ones who are stuck can be uplifted as well. Based on that promise EVERY CARD COUNTS….well at least everyone that follows the rule of not writing ‘Get Well Soon’.

Cardz for Kidz! participants range from renowned artists (literally) to some unartistic Accountants….we won’t say any names! NO matter what each card is appreciated.

Here’s a quote from a volunteer who delivers cards:


We’ve come up with a creative strategy when we hand deliver some of the less than world renowned artistic pieces. For example, “Here you go. We have this special card for you. The one thing is that this LARGE company made it and they have some people who are VERY creative then others….not so much. But either way they all made cards for you!”

I’ll never forget the time when I delivered a card to a child after my quote he said “it’s okay! I can tell he tried really hard. THANKS!”

What was eye opening is that this children already knew the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’!


Based on the appreciation, we keep track of the total amount of cards that are made by each group. Recently we’ve noted a large increase in the production from universities, but Marketing/Advertising agencies are towards the top as well! Either way as highlighted on the chart below, Independent participants have produced nearly twice as many cards as any other participant.

Therefore even if you’re simply making a card or two in your free time please remember, EVERY CARD COUNTS!

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