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Cards Received Part 6

We promise, we're still working the system to send automated emails when we proof the cards. We have some interns/consultants working on it as we speak! Please include your emails when you send your package.

Since we’re receiving, counting, AND sending cards faster than before we’ll have to break our prior promise – We’ll remain ‘Socially Active‘, but we won’t post pictures of ALL the cards we receive. Some of these packages may be social posts, but we want to be safe.

In the future, we’ll use posts like this AND automated emails to make sure people know their cards were received. Please include your email address.

Please remember since we're volunteers and we’re sending AND receiving over 30,000 cards per quarter, our response time and ability to open packages may a bit delayed.

Here's a list from the cards that were counted on 4/16 and 4/17:

AICPA Leadership Academy, Durham, NC: 77

Alana A, Brentwood, TN: 9

Amy C, Arvada, CO: 11

Approved Freight Forwarders, City of Industry, CA: 149

Atlos D, Centennial, CO: 1

Augusta Ranch, Mesa, AZ: 12

Auris Health, Santa Clara, CA: 27

AVOA, Haines City, FL: 3

Barnes G, Carmel, IN: 57

Beta Alpha Psi, Hampstead, NY: 36

BGSU Firelands Student Government, Huron, OH: 69

Bohler, Philadelphia, PA: 104

Brielle B, Long Beach, CA: 25

Brielle B, Long Beach, CA: 39

Brooke D, Chandler, AZ: 8

Brookfield Properties, Chicago, IL: 64

Cambrea G, El Paso, TX: 1

Carmel High School, Carmel, IN: 516

Caroline B, Greenville, SC: 102

Carvana, Tempe, AZ: 4

Catherine G, Brooklyn, NY: 23

Cindy L, Chandler, AZ: 18

Citizen’s Bank, Marlton, NJ: 10

Courage Kenny Sports and Physical Therapy, Shoreview, MN: 18

Craig R, Gold Canyon, AZ: 173

Davita W, Brentwood, TN: 6

Davita, Brentwood, TN: 7

Davita, Littleton, CO: 6

Donna A, Raynham, MA: 31

Eastwood Academy HS, Houston, TX: 428

Egan, Niles, IL: 16

Ela U, Brooklyn, NY: 15

Ela U, Brooklyn, NY: 6

Elizabeth I, Compton, CA: 1

Emmanuel, Chicago, IL: 10

Fei Min L, Guelph, Ontario, Canada: 5

Ferguson, LA, CA: 2

Freedom High School, Hillsborough County, FL: 40

Genevieve, Grand Rapids, MI: 1

Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Chicago, IL: 320

Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, OR: 61

Hewlett Packard, Meridian, ID: 4

Hewlett Packard, Pomona, CA: 238

Hewlett Packard, Pomona, CA: 515

Holy Trinity HS, Chicago, IL: 9

Intel, Folsom, CA: 70

Intel, Oakland, CA: 4

James P, San Francisco, CA: 2

Jason S, Boston, MA: 5

Jazleen, Phoenix, AZ: 1

Jenny N, Bellevue, WA: 239

Justine S, Chicago, IL: 15

Kate M, Superior, CO: 634

Katelyn, Denver, CO: 3

Keira T, Warwick, PA: 1

KForce, Centennial, CO: 9

Kristi W, Downers Grove, IL: 24

L R, Amherst, OH: 2

Lake Braddock Secondary School, Burke, VA: 186

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA: 76

Lifetime Wellness, Forney, TX: 20

Lifetime Wellness, Park Place Nursing and Rehabilitation, Tyler, TX: 9

Lifetime Wellness, Ridge Crest, Forney, TX: 20

Lifetime Wellness, Ridgecrest, Forney, TX: 9

M, Nashville, TN: 17

Madison Capital Funding, Chicago, IL: 27

McCoy, Apache Junction, AZ: 4

Michelle, Denver, CO: 10

Monroe Clark Middle School, San Diego, CA: 31

Nelson, Mesa, AZ: 232

Notre Dame Circle K, Notre Dame, IN: 52

Pamela J, Huntsville, AL: 30

Partners for Kindness, Little Elm, TX: 148

Pleasant Hill Middle School, Lexington, SC: 248

Princess Mia P, Fairfield, CA: 38

Puma, Herzogenaurach, Germany: 127

Sacred Heart Schools, Louisville, KY: 94

Sarah S, San Jose, CA: 14

Schaumburg Township Library, Schaumburg, IL: 125

Sharie B, Chicago, IL: 33

St Charles Public Library, St. Charles, IL: 118

Stacey H, Gilbert, AZ: 1

Stacey I, Ridgley, MD: 21

Stephanie T, Cucamonga, CA: 21

Sydney H, College station, TX: 1

T, Gilbert, AZ: 4

T, Phoenix, AZ: 1

Tau Beta Sigma & Kappa Kappa Psi, Los Angeles, CA: 67

Taylor Preparatory High School, Taylor, MI: 34

Tessa K, New York, NY: 5

The Boeing Company, Grand Prairie, TX: 21

Tina M, Plain City, OH: 20

UC Irvine, Irvine, CA: 148

United Radio, Chicago, NY: 108

Unknown Artist, Chicago, IL: 3

Unknown Artist, Forney, TX: 20

Unknown Artist, Niles, IL: 7

Unknown Artist, Oshkosh, WI: 175

Unknown Artist, Phoenix, AZ: 1

Unknown Artist, Santa Rosa, CA: 9

Unknown Artist, Unknown Location: 15

Upland 1st Ward Primary Children, Upland, CA: 92

US Bank, Naperville, IL: 125

Valero, Welcome, MN: 62

Verizon, N Grafton, MA: 10

VNA Senior Living at Highland, Somerville, MA: 94

Workfinders USA, Brokfield, WI: 42

Young Men's Service League, Chicago, CA: 263


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